Introducing Acrolinx 5.0

Icon-guidance-wizard   Guidance Wizard

Icon-analyser   Content Analyzer

Icon-exxentials   Acrolinx Essentials

Icon-Sidebar   New Integrations

Icon-voice-guidance    Voice Guidance


Guidance Wizard

The Guidance Wizard helps you quickly identify the perfect terminology and style for your content.

The new Guidance Wizard is smart. It analyzes all the issues that Acrolinx finds in your content and gives you recommendations on how to improve your writing guidance. So whether you’re updating your terminology or tweaking your style rules, the Guidance Wizard helps Acrolinx adapt to your content and give your writers better guidance. That means your writers can create better content faster.


Content Analyzer

The Content Analyzer makes it easy for you to evaluate and score large volumes of content — a file folder, URL, or even your competitor’s website. 😉

The new Content Analyzer is powerful. Just point it at any content repository and get the overall Acrolinx Score for the whole repository as well as document-level details for style, terminology, grammar, and spelling. You can easily export the report to your favorite spreadsheet application for more slicing and dicing.


Acrolinx Essentials

Acrolinx Essentials is a guidance package to kick-start your Acrolinx implementation.

The Acrolinx Essentials Guidance Package gives you an out-of-the-box set of writing guidelines based on best practices from hundreds of successful customers. The new guidance package helps you get up and running quickly and then tune your writing guidelines over time.

New Integrations

A whole bunch of new Acrolinx integrations help you create amazing content no matter where you write.

Use Acrolinx anywhere you create content with our new integrations for Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign and InCopy), Google Docs, Google Sheets, and WordPress. Need more? Use our new browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox or the new Desktop Checker for Mac to analyze content almost anywhere.


Voice Guidance

The new Voice Guidance gives you step-by-step recommendations on how to fine-tune the clarity of your content. You now get feedback on the specific parts of your content where the tone isn’t on-target, and specific suggestions on how to improve your text.

Learn More About the Features

Ready to see 5.0 in action? Click below to see the overview session put on by our product experts.