Acrolinx Customer 360

Acrolinx is building a best-in-class Customer Success organization and we’re trying some industry forward ideas. Our team is working hard to proactively identify customer concerns and suggest mitigation strategies so you can maximize your value from Acrolinx.

What is the Customer 360?

The Customer 360 is a survey we send out to senior and influential sponsor contacts once every 120 days, within a few segments of our customer accounts. We call these contacts Executive and Adoption sponsors. We ask these sponsors to answer one question:

What do we do with the feedback?

Customer 360 Score

When a customer responds to the question above, it generates a score that’s used as a weighted element of our health scorecard and contributes to the overall health of the account.

Customer note: If you’re interested in the rest of our model, please ask your Customer Success Manager to walk you through your scorecard the next time you connect.

Double-Blind Survey

When a contact responds to the survey, a similar survey is sent to the Customer Success Manager without sharing the customer’s response.


We compare both of those values against a data-driven scoring model, calibrate it, and complete a holistic view on the health of our accounts.

Why do something like this?

Net Promoter Score is a widely used metric for customer sentiment, but it’s widely debated. Yes, it’s an industry standard in Customer Success, but we feel there’s a better way to engage more complex organizations that have multiple stakeholders and non-singular needs.

Additionally, many Customer Success organizations have begun using data to test the “health” of their accounts. This can sometimes be a very insular and self-serving model that we’re trying to avoid.

In collecting direct feedback we’re constantly testing and learning from it, and of course, we’re happy to be transparent with the results as they relate to each customer.

Want to know even more? Ask your Customer Success Manager during your next chat.

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