April Fools’ Day is the one day each year when you’re allowed to play tricks on people and make them feel, well, a bit foolish. But you don’t have to have your bed short sheeted or fall for someone’s tall tale to be an April Fool. Simply being sloppy and not taking the time to carefully proof your content is all that it takes.

Of course, in some cases, such as Dan Quayle’s infamous “potatoe” snafu back in 1992, it wasn’t a question of sloppiness, but rather of being misinformed. In others, such as this 2012 Rachael Ray cover of Tails magazine, it was a practical joke. A fake copy of the cover was created by removing some pretty important commas. The result was a headline that read “Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.” Not surprisingly, with such a fascinating headline, the fake cover went viral overnight.

While typos are often good for a laugh, sometimes they’re not only really embarrassing but, worse yet, have serious consequences. In fact, in one of our more notorious examples below, someone lost his job over one pretty major mistake.

So take a break from working for a minute, check out these 13 examples of terrible typos, and see if you can find them all. While most are pretty easy to spot, a couple might take you a little longer. If you get stuck, we’ve included a key with the answers at the very bottom of this post.

Happy reeding reading!

1) This typo hits you right in the face. Hopefully you’ve got a napkin.


2) Looks like Stella Artois isn’t so perfect after all.


3) This sign goes to show why punctuation matters.


4) No, but apparently whoever created this sign does.


5) This street in New York doesn’t instill much confidence in the city’s educational system.


6) This sign makes us question just how good their software actually is.


7) In the US presidential election of 2012, the Romney campaign had an app that allowed you to apply an overlay to any photo you took. This one was our favorite.


8) This graduation program contains an embarrassing mistake.


9) Unfortunately, so does the tweet the school sent out to offer its apology.


10) The government isn’t immune to typos. This training guide was circulated to staffers on Capitol Hill back in 2012.


11) And, of course, TV is no exception either. Looks like it’s going to be a hot week!


12) 1.5 million of these coins were created with this glaring typo. Not surprisingly, the mistake cost the managing director of the Chilean Mint his job.


13) Tattoo fail. The only thing worse than losing your job over a typo is having one on your arm for the rest of your life.


So on this April Fools’ Day, we at Acrolinx encourage you to take an extra close look at your content, show some appreciation for your copy editors and proofreaders, and, above all else, always, always, always make sure that your content is correct and accurate before you publish it. Sound like too much trouble? Why didn’t you say so? Our amazing platform can help.






Answer Key

1) Peeface should be preface
2) It’s should be its
3) There shouldn’t be any periods in the text
4) Misteaks should be mistakes
5) Shcool should be school
6) Their should be they’re
7) Amercia should be America
8) Pubic should be public
9) Eggregious should be egregious
10) Traiing should be training
11) It wasn’t 700 degrees on Wednesday
12) Chiie should be Chile
13) Nohing should be nothing