From eBooks and infographics to podcasts and webinars, there’s no shortage of resources available to help content marketers. Yet the reality is that they aren’t all created equal, and it takes time and effort to weed through them and find the best ones. Having recently gone through that very exercise ourselves here at Acrolinx, we thought that it would be helpful (and save you some time) to share what we discovered.

We combed the Internet looking for the very best content marketing resources we could find, focusing our efforts specifically on eBooks. In doing so, we not only evaluated the content we uncovered based on the credibility of its authors, but also our own perception of how engaging it was and how practical and actionable we considered its advice to be.

Here are some of the content marketing eBooks that we like best:

 ebook1 A Practical Guide to Building a Killer Content Strategy

The 411: HubSpot is a prolific creator of content and an organization that clearly knows a thing or two about content marketing. They don’t disappoint with their guide to developing a content strategy, which provides a high-level overview of how to create buyer personas, map your content to the buying cycle, and build an editorial calendar.Why we like it: It’s a quick read and a great primer for anyone looking to get up to speed on the basics of content strategy.
 ebook2 How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine

The 411: In this joint effort from Kapost and Marketo, readers will discover the nuts and bolts of content marketing, including how to create a content plan, build an effective team, produce and distribute content, and measure the results. It’s an excellent how-to guide that’s valuable for anyone interested in taking a deeper dive into content marketing.Why we like it: It contains numerous case studies about what other companies are doing, as well as a variety of useful worksheets to help you get started on your content marketing journey.
 ebook3 The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging and Content Strategy

The 411: Contently’s eBook is squarely focused on planning, executing, and optimizing your content strategy. It offers step-by-step guidance on how to do each, from setting your goals and identifying influencers to developing effective headlines and measuring your ROI. However, since it reads more like a white paper than an eBook, this may not be the right resource for those looking for a basic primer.Why we like it: Contently takes a no-nonsense approach to content marketing, offering clear and actionable advice.
 ebook4 Content Marketing Done Right

The 411: In this eBook, Curata focuses in on the right way to do content curation, providing guidelines and best practices around things like dealing with copyright law, creating an effective curation strategy, and helping marketers stay out of trouble when curating. It takes an ethical approach that we didn’t find in any of the other resources we looked at.Why we like it: Curation is an important part of content marketing, and one that you don’t want to screw up. Curata’s eBook provides some great advice about how to do things the right way.
 ebook5 It Take a Content Factory!

The 411: OpenView’s eBook bills itself as a guide to creating and delivering the content that companies need to attract and retain great customers. At over 100 pages long it may seem a bit intimidating, but it’s presented in a way that’s easy to digest and provides a comprehensive look at content marketing.Why we like it: While the body of the eBook is devoted to the basics of content marketing, it also contains a substantial appendix that contains helpful tips and advice for advanced practitioners.

All of the resources cited above are worth checking and can be downloaded for free. We’d be remiss, however, if we didn’t also point out Acrolinx’s new eBook.

“Speak with One Voice: How to Gain Competitive Advantage in the Content Era” describes the new content-driven world that we live in and its implications for businesses like yours. It then goes on to explain what makes for great content, providing valuable tips and suggestions for how you can go about creating it in your organization using the right tools. If you haven’t already done so, check it out.


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