If there’s one time of year when we all fumble around to find just the right words, it’s on Valentine’s Day. That’s because it’s the one day when we all go out of our way to express how we feel about the person we love. While it’s the sentiment behind our words that matters most, getting the actual words right is pretty important too.

All the more so when they’re in print because — let’s face it — typos are a turn off. If a well-written Valentine can help set the mood, one filled with mistakes can kill it just as easily. After all, your writing always makes an impression. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the marketing content you create for your customers or the love letter you’re planning to write to your significant other.

That’s why, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to share some funny examples of Valentine’s Day fails that just go to show you language matters. We’re pretty sure that the people who received these Valentine’s messages weren’t too impressed.

  1. Loev ≠ Love


We don’t know who decorated this cake, but you’ve really got to be in love to overlook a typo like that. Hopefully the taste made up for the misspelling.

  1. Mine or Mime?


Unless this cookie is for Charlie Chaplin, that’s definitely a typo. Maybe it was decorated by the same baker as the last one?

  1. Your vs. You’re


Who wouldn’t want to be told they’re awesome on Valentine’s Day? Of course, whoever created this gem sure isn’t.

  1. What a Difference a Letter Can Make


Oh, that just hurts. Whoever typed up this lovely sentence probably should have checked twice before hitting print.

  1. What the…?


Nice balloon! Too bad when you read the whole thing you realize it doesn’t make much sense at all.

  1. Mind the “s”


This Valentine’s Day card says it all, including that the company that made it doesn’t believe in proofreading.

  1. Does Size Matter?


We don’t care how huge you are, you’re not getting any hugs if you can’t spell a three-letter word correctly.

So on this Valentine’s Day, we want to let you know that Acrolinx has got your back. To avoid blunders like these, try running your Valentine’s notes through our content optimization software so that you can avoid embarrassing mistakes and become the Romeo (or Juliet!) you’ve always wanted to be.