When the holidays roll around, most kids have long wish lists. They dream for the latest toy or gadget, and are usually disappointed when they get the boring wool sweater. It’s a similar story for your customers. All they want is engaging, compelling content that helps them solve their problems. And yet, pretty often, what they end up with is the editorial equivalent of that fuzzy wool sweater: lackluster content that, while useful, does little to excite or inspire them.

That’s why our holiday wish this year is for better content — content that goes beyond simply conveying information and instead helps create better customer experiences. It’s a tall order, for sure, but it’s achievable. Let’s look at some of the ways you can create content your customers actually want to read:

  1. Develop a distinctive and engaging tone of voice

The first step to creating better content is to establish a unique tone of voice that personifies your brand. If you sound like every other business, it’s easy for prospects and customers to gloss over your content. But if your content has some personality, it becomes much more memorable and engaging, and way more fun for your audience to read. Need tips on creating your company’s tone of voice? Check out our comprehensive guide here.

  1. Become a storyteller

As people, we’re not very good at retaining facts, but we’re really good at remembering stories. When we wrap information into a narrative, it becomes easier to visualize and relate to. Simply put, stories engage our minds in a more meaningful way, so they stay with us longer. Storytelling is also critical to capturing audiences on an emotional level, which in turn, keeps them reading, watching, and interacting with your content.  

  1. Try to infotain

Businesses have important messages they want to share with their prospects and customers. But at a time when attention spans are limited, it’s important to find the right way to deliver the information. That’s where infotainment comes in. The idea is to inform and entertain at the same time, so it’s fun, and not a chore, for people to absorb your messages. It’s why you can plop children in front of a TV to learn the alphabet without complaint, provided there’s a funny Sesame Street character teaching them. The same principle applies to educating your customers — but probably with a slightly more sophisticated approach. 

  1. Experiment with engaging formats    

Written content is a relatively cheap and easy way to communicate, but it’s not always the most interesting or effective way to attract your customers. For that reason, it’s important to experiment with other, more interactive and visually engaging forms of content. While video is a great option, there are plenty of cheaper and easier ones too. Tools like Ceros, for example, help brands convert static written content into content experiences.

What’s Your Content Wish?

As you think about your content and what you can do to make it better in 2020, we hope you’ll keep these tips in mind. And if you’re trying to create better content, faster, we hope you’ll think of Acrolinx. Our AI-powered content governance platform helps enterprises create and deliver strategy-aligned content at scale. Acrolinx captures all your strategic content goals, keeps your content aligned with them — through writer guidance and automated content scoring — and provides powerful and flexible content analytics so you can track and report on your results. If you’d like to learn more, just let us know

Happy holidays to you and yours from the Acrolinx team.