As 2014 winds down, we wanted to look take a look back at some of our top posts for content marketers, technical communicators and fellow language geeks. In the interest of full disclosure, we’re not taking this trip down memory lane because we’ve had too much eggnog and find ourselves feeling pangs of nostalgia. On the contrary, we’re in the middle of planning how to make the Acrolinx blog even better in 2015. We’re hoping that after pointing out some of our best posts (which we’ve organized into five themes below), you’ll share some feedback that we can take on board for next year.

So without further ado, here are the five main themes that the Acrolinx blog covered in 2014:

1) The Content Era

We kicked off the Acrolinx blog with a short series about what we like to refer to as the content era, the current age we live in when content is ubiquitous and among companies’ most powerful tools for driving business and building customer relationships. The series provided practical advice about how to create content that rises above the noise by making it findable, readable, and engaging. It also explained the importance of creating content for global audiences and offering advice on how to make yours more easily translatable.

2) The Future of Tech Comms

Another series we published this year was about the future of tech comms and how the emergence of the content era is driving big changes for technical communicators. One of the most important changes is how agile product development is putting tech comms professionals under intense pressure, leaving them with shorter development times and greater demands for online-hosted, localized content.

The series also points out the often-overlooked importance of technical content as a tool for building customer relationships and the implications that has for tech communicators. In the face of these and other changes, we concluded the series by offering our advice for how tech comms professionals can re-position themselves with their bosses in ways that transcend traditional tech comms silos.

3) Content Marketing

This year the Acrolinx team has also been blogging about content marketing. From posts about the benefits of content marketing and tactical advice about content creation and delivery, to overviews of content marketing tools and content marketing eBooks that you can’t afford to miss, we’ve been trying to bring you the best content marketing ideas. We’ve also just launched a series about how to succeed about content marketing that will be coming out over the next few weeks. You can access the first post in the series by clicking here.

4) Writing

Writing is a fundamental part of what Acrolinx is all about, so we’ve made sure that it’s a topic we cover within this blog. So far we’ve published posts with checklists for writers, step-by-step instructions on how to create a style guide, and recommended resources for writers. We’ve also identified some of the most common words that writers get wrong and provided examples of how to use them correctly. We’ve even got a post about why writers should care about their posture (and trust us, they should!).

5) Reviews

Last, but not least, we’ve tried to include some fun posts and to review other content that we think you’d enjoy. For example, we wrote about Weird Al Yankovic’s hit music video from earlier this year, “Word Crimes.” We also reviewed Ann Handley’s excellent new book, “Everybody Writes.”

There you have it, the highlights from our first year of blogging. So how’d we do? And what can we do better next year? We’d love to get your feedback, either in the comments section of this post or any of the other posts that you read, so please don’t hesitate to share your opinions!