In case you missed it, we wanted to share two more great presentations from Content Connections 2016, our online virtual conference held in November. This time around, we’re spotlighting Doug Kessler’s presentation on building content centers of excellence, and Rahel Bailie’s presentation on why marketing content isn’t content marketing. Below you’ll find video recordings of their presentations along with brief descriptions of some of the key takeaways from each. We hope you enjoy them!

The Content Center of Excellence

In a very practical, straight-forward presentation, Doug Kessler, the co-founder and creative director at Velocity Partners, makes the case for why your company might need a content center of excellence. Kessler argues that one of the biggest challenges facing today’s companies is that content marketing works really well. That may sound counterintuitive, but the reason it’s a problem is because it means that everyone is creating content across the entire enterprise. As content marketing becomes increasingly popular, content marketers are left to navigate through a virtual wild west of new territories.

“The solution,” Kessler says, “is to develop a content center of excellence to help bring best practices and standardization to your company’s content marketing efforts.” Drawing from other industries such as finance, IT, and manufacturing, Kessler goes on to outline what an effective content center of excellence should do, what qualities it should have, and what kinds of people and skill sets it needs to operate successfully.

Check out this informative presentation to learn more.

Marketing Content Is Not Content Marketing

“Marketing content and content marketing are opposites,” says Rahel Bailie, chief knowledge officer at Scroll, in this presentation about the fundamentals of content marketing. In it, she points out the differences between marketing content (where you tell people you’re a rockstar) and content marketing (where you show them that you’re a rock star).

Bailie offers a structured and well-crafted take on the principles of content marketing that covers everything from content development considerations and content strategy through to how to deliver in an omnichannel environment. This is a useful presentation for anyone looking to get up to speed on some of the practical considerations around content marketing.

Watch for yourself to learn more.