Winter is upon us and, while your customers might be thinking about log fires and mittens, it’s time for you to defrost your brand and make sure that you’re communicating the right way. And that means making sure your brand voice is just as unique as a snowflake (remember, no two snowflakes are alike) so that your message doesn’t get lost in a blizzard of competition.

Have you ever heard the phrase it’s not just what you say, but also how you say it? It’s so true. How you communicate with your customers is just as important as what you tell them. Establishing an individual, recognizable, and appropriate voice for your brand is an essential part of making your business stand out and succeed. Not only that, your brand voice should be individual and consistent in everything that you do, from your advertising and website to your press releases and social media.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your brand voice needs to be uniquely yours:

It Makes You Human

These days people expect to connect with brands and companies on a personal level. With the rise of social media, customers expect that if they interact with a brand on Facebook or Twitter, they’ll get a personal response, and one that lines up with your business’s ethos and personality.

Social media is replacing face-to-face contact, so if your brand is friendly and consistent, your customers will feel that they know you. If you present as a company that your customers can identify with, bond with, and talk to, then they’ll be more likely to choose you over your competitors. No one wants to feel like they’re talking to a computer — they want to talk to a real person.

You Get Cut-Through

Whether it’s B2C or B2B, one of the things customers hate the most is corporate speak — an unintelligible jumble of words that can mean very little. If your customers switch off from boredom or can’t understand your message, then you’ve already failed. Make sure your brand voice sounds like a person is speaking to them. That means that it’s got to show some personality, be on point, and avoid the kind of jargon that alienates folks. People want to relate to you, so talk to them like you would to an actual person and cut out all the unnecessary and complicated stuff. You’ll have much greater success if you do.

It Makes You Stand out From the Competition

As a customer, are you going to go with a brand that’s friendly, speaks to you, and shows personality, or a bland, boring one that sounds like everyone else? Having a distinctive tone of voice means that people can immediately recognize you and your brand. Not only that, if they like it, they’ll choose you over your competitors. Establishing a distinctive brand voice means that no matter whether it’s a newspaper ad, radio spot, Facebook post, or marketing campaign, people will know that your business is behind it. This builds your brand recognition and gives your customers a sense of familiarity. They know you and they identify with you, so they’re more likely to give you their business.

You Build Trust and Authority

In the absence of a physical presence — using body language, actual voice, gestures, and interactions — your brand’s tone of voice is the most important way that you communicate with people. It tells the customer who you are as a business, how you work, what your values are, and what they should expect from you.

This builds trust, and we all want to trust the people we do business with, right? Through your brand voice, you have the ability to establish a strong foundation for your customers and build your authority. Not only that, consistency breeds confidence. So whether your voice is edgy or formal-friendly, it needs to be the same across everything you do. Imagine a customer’s confusion if they visit your website and your business is posting in a fun, friendly style, only to reach out to you on Twitter and have you respond with a super-formal, impersonal statement.

When you have a consistent voice, your customers begin to trust you and know what to expect. So whether you have one person or 15 people involved in your marketing, social media, and advertising, your customers will feel they are dealing with one unified brand. Trust us, that can go a long way toward making or breaking your business.

Developing a unique brand voice is a process, and one where we can help. Download our free eBook to learn more.