Yeah, We’re Proud to Be Content Geeks. Here’s What That Means to Us

By Deb Symons


Here at Acrolinx, we tend to think of ourselves as content geeks. We like to roll up our sleeves and wade deep into the weeds about all kinds of issues pertaining to language, linguistics, and all of the other aspects of great writing. It’s a labor of love that we’re excited to share with you from time to time with our quirky, fun, and (hopefully) informative blog posts.

No matter whether you’re a regular reader of this blog or here for the first time, chances are that if you’re checking out this post then you may be a content geek too. But just in case you’re not sure, we want to share some of the telltale signs that keep giving us away:

We’re obsessed with style and tone of voice!

The words that you use when you write determine so much about how your audience will perceive you. They can make you sound smart and edgy or generic and stuffy. They can help endear you to your audience or turn them off.

Style and tone of voice are topics that we love and that we write about all the time (see our eBook and SlideShare series, for example). If they interest you half as much as they do us, then you might be a content geek too.

We love making nerdy content jokes!

OK, so this doesn’t exactly make us the most popular of guests at cocktail parties, but seriously, who could resist gems like these:

Q: What happened when the past, the present, and the future walked into a bar?

A: It was tense.

Q: What do you say to comfort a content geek?

A: There, their, they’re.

Our favorite books are about content!

Beyond the staples (yes, we all have our copies of “The Elements of Style” at the ready), we’re also big fans of “Everybody Writes” and “The Power of Babel.”

If you’re looking for other great books about writing and language, we recommend Stephen King’s “On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft” and Bill Bryson’s “The Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way.”

We live in dictionaries!

Well, not literally, of course. But we do spend an awful lot of time looking up and learning new words. Just last week we learned a new and very memorable one: eggcorns. In fact, we wrote up a whole post about them, so if you’re curious to learn more, you can find it here.

We think of grammar as a competitive sport!

If grammar were an Olympic sport, we’d be dying to compete. That’s because we know grammar inside and out — we’ve got to, in order to have built an effective content optimization platform. And while we may aim for a cool, conversational tone in our blog posts, rest assured that underneath it all we’re competitive grammarians.

We secretly take pride in fixing other people’s writing!

We don’t mean that in a boastful way, but rather that we like to help people write better. Writing well is so important for effective business communication. We’re thrilled when we can help people write better so that whatever messages they’re trying to communicate are clear, engaging, and easy to understand.

So now that you know a little bit more about why we think we’re content geeks, the question is: Are you one too?