If you think about it, content is one of the key drivers of customer experience. Thanks to the Internet, it has become the primary tool that companies have for building relationships with their customers, who these days can progress as far as 90 percent of the way through the sales process before ever contacting a vendor.

Even after a sale is made content can be just as important, with the vast majority of consumers preferring to troubleshoot their own problems (with the help of FAQs, for example) rather than call the help desk.

The takeaway is that since content is now the main touchpoint that many companies have with their customers, it can play a huge role in determining how positive or negative their experiences are likely to be. Acrolinx’s new infographic, “Why Great Customer Experiences Start with Great Content” illustrates this concept and makes some other important points about customer experience and content’s role in it, including:

  • Customer experience matters. So much so that most consumers are willing to pay more to have a better experience. Yet interestingly, almost none of them report having consistently good experiences. That means that companies have a big opportunity to use their content to differentiate themselves by creating the kind of experiences that attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal.


  • All customer-facing content drives customer experience. Once you’ve got your head around the fact that content has the ability to drive customer experiences, you’ve got to appreciate that we’re talking about all of a company’s content, not just the marketing stuff. So broaden your thinking beyond blog posts and videos to also include things like user manuals, fact sheets, product overviews, and help files. That means also thinking about the diverse teams that create all of this content, including your sales, documentation, product development, and customer service teams, among others.
  • Finally, the infographic also shares a formula for how to create the great content you need to drive positive customer experiences:

Great content = story x tone of voice x consistency

Here at Acrolinx, we believe that when you’ve got a good story that’s told in the right tone of voice and that’s consistent with all of your other content, you’ve got a recipe for creating something create to fuel successful customer experiences. The infographic goes on to provide tips on each of these facets of great content.

To learn a lot more about how to use your content to create great customer experiences, we encourage you to check out Acrolinx’s new infographic, “Why Great Customer Experiences Start with Great Content.”