Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the entire year. It’s a day that’s all about coming together with friends and family to enjoy some great food and to give thanks for lots of different things in our lives. If you’re a writer, a content marketer, or any other type of content professional, there are plenty of great resources out there that are helpful, informative, and that just make life easier. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, in this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite resources that I’m thankful for. Maybe you’ll be too after you’re done checking them all out.

Fun, Interesting, and Useful Content Marketing Tools

Google Trends
: A great source of insights and inspiration, Google Trends is a way for you to quickly see which searches are most popular on Google and YouTube. Knowing what people are searching for can be a great catalyst for brainstorming ideas for creating relevant and compelling content.

Title Generator
: If you’ve run out of ideas and don’t know what to call your latest content masterpiece, Title Generator might be just what you need. Simply enter a couple of relevant keywords about your content and it instantly produces hundreds of potential titles for you. I find this is helpful not only for coming up with creative titles, but also brainstorming fresh content ideas.


The Noun Projectthe-noun-project: Need icons? The Noun Project might be just the resource for you. It contains thousand upon thousands of icons about virtually any topic that you can imagine. For anyone interested in sprucing up their content with a bit of iconography, this is definitely worth checking out.


Headline Analyzercoschedule: Ever write a headline but not feel confident that it was as strong or compelling as it could have been? Headline Analyzer gives you quick feedback on how well your headline works and offers suggestions on how you can make it better. It’s a great way to get some unbiased feedback as you craft the perfect headline for your next piece of content.


BuzzSumobuzzsumo: This is a great tool for understanding what content actually works and who the influencers are that are amplifying it. When you enter a topic or domain, you get insights into what content people are sharing and which channels they’re using to do so.


HTML Hacks for Marketershubspot: Most content professionals wind up spending at least part of their time working in a content management system like WordPress, where knowing a thing or two about HTML can be invaluable. HTML Hacks for Marketers is a guide from HubSpot that makes managing your way through basic HTML a lot easier for those of us who are less technically inclined.


If This, Then Thatifttt: OK, so this isn’t just a resource for content marketers. If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a fantastic automation tool that has amazing application at home, at work, and in all sorts of areas of your personal life. When it comes to content marketing, it’s particularly helpful for automating social media. For example, if you’re updating an image on one channel, IFTTT will automatically update them on all of the others.


Trellotrello: Trello is a great free tool that you can use to project manage anything, including your content. We’ve used it at Acrolinx to manage our editorial calendar and content creation workflows. It’s quick, easy, and gives everyone who uses it total transparency into the status of a given piece of content, including what steps need to happen in order to complete it.


Scoop.itscoop-it: I like for content curation. Although they also offer content marketing automation, my experience is limited to using it for curation. If you want to source and publish a lot of third-party content, this is a great tool that will make doing so a lot easier.


Blogs That Keep Me up to Date With Great Content Marketing Ideas

The Content Strategistcontently: This is an outstanding blog from the folks over at Contently. It’s a great source for big ideas, fascinating examples, and lots of inspiration.


Neil Patelneilpatel: Neil Patel’s blog is fantastic because it’s not only full of great information, it’s very practical and instructional. Neil provides step-by-step guidance that leaves you feeling smarter and better equipped to succeed at content marketing.


Copybloggercopyblogger: A blend of big ideas and how-to content, Copyblogger delivers useful information that will help you create better content and be a more successful content marketer.


The Moz Blogmoz: The Moz Blog is my go-to for all things pertaining to search engine optimization. If you want to master SEO, there’s no better resource that I’m aware of than this blog. I’ve learned so much from it.


Kapost’s The Content Marketeerthe-hapost-blog: Last, but not least, I’ve got Kapost’s The Content Marketeer bookmarked on my computer. I’ve found some great articles here on everything from content marketing basics to advanced content strategy and corporate blogging. It’s worth a look.

As you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year and reflect on all of the things that you’re thankful for, consider making all of the great resources that help you day in and day out with your job one of them. We’d like to think that this blog and the other resources we create for you are also useful to you and worthy of your appreciation. If not, get in touch with us and let us know what we can do differently to meet all of your content marketing needs.