Back at the beginning of November, thousands of content professionals from around the world tuned in for Content Connections, our online virtual conference, to hear from an all-star line up of content experts. In this post, we’re recapping some of our favorite presentations, including those from Ann Handley, Andrew Davis, and Robert Rose.

In case you missed Content Connections, you can check out these amazing presentations at any time. Below we’re including links to the recordings along with brief descriptions of each session. We hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

Future Perfect: A Look Back at the Best Content of 2017

In this interesting presentation, Ann Handley, the chief content officer at MarketingProfs, asks you to imagine that it’s one year into the future. She then invites you to look back at what she predicts will be some of the most successful content marketing programs of 2017.

What does she find? That the best content marketing programs of 2017 were successful because they all did one key thing: They slowed down. That’s right, they slowed down at just the right moments and wound up delivering faster, more sustainable programs, companies, and people as a result. Watch Ann’s presentation to find out what three questions content professionals should be asking themselves to help slow down at the right times to get better results.

Momentum: The Simple Secret Smart Brands Employ to Turn Regular Content Into Extraordinary Success

Andrew Davis is a well-regarded content marketing speaker and author. This year, at Content Connections, he gave a fantastic presentation about how to build momentum around your content to maximize its reach with your audience.

In this interesting and fast-paced video, Andrew explains the importance of social proof when promoting your content. He then goes on to outline an approach he describes with the words “grow, plateau, and slow” for promoting your content in stages. He makes the case for starting with your existing audience, then expanding to a broader audience through social media, followed by reaching an even bigger audience through paid advertising, and finally sharing your content with the whole world through PR. You definitely don’t want to miss this great presentation.

Content and Experiences: The Show That Never Closes

Are you taking a long-term view with your content marketing or simply developing collateral to meet specific needs? In this presentation, Robert Rose, the chief strategy advisor for Content Marketing Institute, describes how successful brands don’t just plan for the launch, they also plan for the successful journey. They’re focused on keeping audiences engaged so that they constantly come back for more.

Robert offers some great advice about developing a vision for a content show that never ends, understanding metrics, reusing content, and integrating your content assets into successful campaigns.

Stay tuned to this blog to see other presentations from Content Connections.