Why You Should Embrace Active Content Governance

Although you might not realize it, your company probably uses some form of content governance. You may have certain processes and guidelines in place that you follow every time you create and publish your content. For most companies, however, that’s just their way of doing things rather than a deliberate approach designed to get the best results. In other words, it’s just passive content governance. And while that certainly can be helpful, the reality is that if you want to super-charge your content, you need to embrace what we call Active Content Governance.

What is Active Content Governance?

Active Content Governance is a framework for content creation that promotes alignment and clarity, streamlines processes, and sets you up to produce measurable, quality content. Everyone involved in the content process can lean on its structures for support, guidance, and efficiency.

Practically speaking, it’s about building a multistep, automated process into your content machine. When content is written, it’s analyzed by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm to check if it matches with predetermined guidelines. If something is off, it guides writers to make corrections. The result is content that’s more accurate, clear, and on-brand. And, since it requires less human intervention, it frees up editors to focus on higher value work.  

Active Content Governance also brings transparency to the process of content creation, making it easier to identify issues, gaps, and challenges, and ultimately eliminate them. It also allows people to collaborate more effectively, and adds structural components that allow for automation, scalability, and repeatability.

Ensuring consistency and brand alignment

When it comes to content creation, consistency matters. Rather than letting your writers write whatever they want, however they want, Active Content Governance points them in the direction of your brand, your words, and your tone of voice. This gives content creators with different points of view and different writing styles, and who speak different languages, the ability to collaborate more effectively. The result is better content. That’s important because no matter if you’re a small business or a massive global enterprise, you want all of your content to be on-brand and written in your company’s unique tone of voice.

Active Content Governance employs proactive rather than reactive systems to eliminate issues with tone and style early in the process, saving time and money further down the line. That’s a good thing because the earlier a piece of content can be considered correct, accurate, on-voice, and on-target, the less time it will take to edit, and the less likely it will be to cause delays.

Improving quality and reducing editing time

The problem with passive governance is that it relies heavily on teams being motivated. There isn’t any standard mechanism for them to rely on to deliver quality content, and nothing to support new additions to the team. By contrast, the active governance approach provides standard tools and guidelines designed to eliminate quality issues early on in the process. So rather than having to assess for themselves if a piece of content is ready for review, that decision is made automatically.

Developing a definition of “done” is critical to practicing Active Content Governance. Setting a standard level of content quality that all content is measured against means that, in the best case scenario, all content meets the quality bar set by management. In the worst case, no content is embarrassingly flawed. And when content is truly ready for review, the focus is on what the words say and mean, and improving the overall quality, rather than correcting basic issues.

Providing guidance to writers

Content managers know that part of their job is to develop a brand voice, leverage strategic messaging and terminology, and a tone that represents and differentiates their organization in the marketplace. And while they may spend a lot of time and energy identifying their brand voice, when it comes to educating their writers, managers aren’t always good at documenting and communicating guidelines. They might hold meetings, send out emails, or even produce a formal style guide, but these practices aren’t very practical or reliable.

Instead of time-consuming training and ineffective means, with Active Content Governance the rules are integrated into the writing process from the start. By going beyond correcting spelling and simple grammar to providing guidance on clarity, consistency, style, tone of voice, and brand compliance, every writer delivers content that’s aligned with their company’s voice.

Saving time and money

It’s also worth pointing out that any content that you produce using Active Content Guidance is repeatable and scalable. Writers don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they create similar pieces of content. Real-time, in-line guidance available to all writers ensures content is clear, on-brand, and consistent, and that it doesn’t have to go through endless reviews. Plus, on-brand, in-voice content gets published quicker, is easier to translate, and gets repurposed faster.

Is Active Content Governance Right for you?

When you consider all of the benefits of Active Content Governance, the business impact becomes undeniable. By actively taking control of your content production, you can take your content machine to the next level.

To find out more about Active Content Governance, watch our on-demand webinar.  

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