Today, we’re excited to report from our Business Breakfast in Stockholm, a joint event hosted by SDL, Acrolinx, and our Swedish partner Fodina. We’re thrilled to come together with friends and content professionals in a very special location in this beautiful city. Atlas Copco has invited us 66 feet underground to a place known as Hemliga Gruvan, which translates to “the secret mine.”

But don’t worry, we’re not planning to start a secret society. Instead, we’re talking about how to engage your audience and compete successfully in 2016. Yet the location is somewhat symbolic. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, a large number of Swedish innovations, among them advances in diesel engines, were made in the area around the mine. Some even call it the Silicon Valley of the 19th century.

To measure up to this impressive history, we’ve put together a great lineup of speakers from SDL, Fodina, and Xylem to talk about content marketing challenges. We’re covering topics such as how to accelerate content initiatives, build a standardized terminology, and reduce the cost of global content delivery. Another main topic is the challenge of scaling high-quality content across departments and authoring environments while staying on-brand.

Finally, we’ll be guided through the almost 2-mile-long tunnels of Atlas Copco’s mine to learn more about its fascinating story. We’re sure we’ll get back to the surface with plenty of new insights. Thanks to everybody for joining and making this event possible.

Image: Atlas Copco