At Acrolinx, our mission is pretty simple. We want to help you create high-impact content that’s both on brand and on target. To be on brand, your content has to use the right words and phrases, combined with the proper style and tone to accurately reflect your organization. To be on target, that content has to be calibrated for your specific audience so that it resonates with them. The way we achieve this is by providing our customers with both guidance and governance.

If you’ve used Acrolinx before, you know that the guidance comes in the form of the feedback that the platform provides to help your writers create better content that’s aligned with your goals. The governance part is the framework we provide so that you can do this at scale, while also gaining visibility into your content through scoring.

Behind all of this is an advanced linguistic analytics engine that we’ve developed after more than 300 man-years of research and development. That engine integrates with over 30 leading content authoring tools and contains thousands of rules for evaluating your content in terms of its style, terminology, grammar, and tone of voice.

Building on all of this, we’ve got some pretty exciting plans for the year ahead.

Improvements Abound in 2016

We’ve got a number of great enhancements planned for this year that will help to make Acrolinx an even more powerful and dynamic platform. These include changes to our engine, guidance, and governance.

We’ll improve our linguistic analytics engine by:

  • Enabling audience-based content checking. We’ll be making your target audience the central concept for setting up your Acrolinx instance. This will not only greatly simplify your user administration experience, but also make it easier to focus on your target audience with the specific style and tone of voice that best suits them.
  • Driving content consistency and reuse. At many organizations, content is created in a highly fragmented fashion, both internally across lots of silos and externally using freelancers and agencies. In 2016, we’ll be improving our guidance to make it easier to create consistent content no matter where in or outside of your organization it’s happening.
  • Increasing language and tone of voice support. Acrolinx currently supports six languages (English, German, French, Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese). In 2016, we’ll be building out our support for Chinese and also adding Spanish to the mix. We’ll also be enhancing our voice guidance capabilities in German and the other languages we support.

We’ll improve the guidance we offer by:

  • Making it more accessible. We’re changing the way Acrolinx provides feedback by making it friendly and engaging so that it’s more fun to use and easier to understand.
  • Providing targeted guidance for specific audiences. In 2016, Acrolinx will be able to provide greater guidance on the tone of voice, readability, and formality of your content that’s aligned with the targets you’ve set for your intended audience.
  • Integrating third-party insights. To give content creators even more insights right in their favorite content authoring tools, we’ll be developing integrations with lots of other tools and platforms to give you real-time access to things like keyword research.

We’ll improve the governance we offer by:

  • Using scoring as a leading indicator of impact. We believe that our analytics can be a leading indicator of how your content will perform in the market. In 2016, we’ll be announcing ways to connect Acrolinx to enterprise analytics packages such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Tableau, and other platforms so that you can get a better overall understanding of how your content will perform before you ever publish it.
  • Scoring for business intelligence and workflow automation. We know content workflows can be complex. In 2016, we’ll be rolling out deeper integrations with several of the leading marketing cloud platforms making it easier for you to optimize your content without changing how you work.

We’re very excited about what we have planned for 2016 and look forward to sharing these enhancements with you as they are ready. Stay tuned for updates and, as always, thanks for your interest in what we’re doing.