If you’re a marketer looking to use Artificial Intelligence, you’ll find a lot of hype about it, but little substance on how to actually apply it to your business.

But that’s definitely changing, thanks to the good work from Paul Roetzer and the folks at the Marketing AI Institute. Over the past few years, they’ve tested various AI solutions, implemented some for clients, and talked to solutions providers about what’s possible.

It turns out there are three important areas where AI can make a big impact for marketers:

  1. Cut down reporting time
  2. Boost ad performance
  3. Improve content marketing

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Acrolinx is proud to be in the third use case, helping companies like Facebook and Nestle improve their content by using AI to make it better.

The Acrolinx AI platform “reads” all of a brand’s content, then recommends ways to improve it — in less time, with fewer resources, and for less money.  The result is high-impact content that’s on-brand and on-target, achieved by using AI to provide guidance and governance on the content, at scale.

To learn more about Acrolinx and our AI platform for enterprise content creation, check out our webinar, Acrolinx AI — Inside the Engine.