We were recently humbled to discover that the folks over at Docurated — whose software helps people to find and use their own content — have recognized Acrolinx as one of the 50 best content marketing tools in the business. It’s an honor to have made their list along with lots of great companies like BrightCove, OutBrain, Uberflip, and SnapApp, among others.

While we appreciate the recognition, we’re even more excited about the fact that a list like this exists. That’s because it’s yet another proof point about just how important content has become and the intense focus that marketers are putting on making sure that theirs is the best it can be. Just look at all of the amazing companies that have emerged in the last few years to support content creation and distribution, many of which Docurated has captured in their list.

As Docurated points out, “content is the glue that holds your many marketing and sales efforts together.” Given that very important role, and the fact that more and more companies are creating ever more content, you’ve absolutely got to make sure that yours is a cut above the rest so that it really stands out. In many cases, the success of your business depends on it. Remember, your content is your primary way of communicating and forming relationships with prospects and customers. Now don’t get us wrong. You can certainly create some pretty amazing content all on your own. Plenty of people do.

The challenge, however, arises when you need to do so at scale because invariably content quality suffers as the quantity of it being created goes up. It’s at times like these that having the right tools in your marketing tool belt can really make a difference. From helping you write more compelling and engaging content to amplifying it to its greatest effect, there really is a tool out there for just about every need you could have.

So thank you, Docurated, for helping to shine a light on a topic that we believe is very important, and for highlighting some great companies and fantastic content marketing tools. If you’re reading this and haven’t already checked them out, you definitely should.