As a content professional, you know the importance of great content. You understand its value for attracting, engaging with, and retaining customers. And while in an ideal world, we’d produce perfect pieces of content all the time, in reality, this doesn’t always happen.

Earlier this year, we surveyed more than 250 global content professionals. We asked them about the challenges they face in creating content. Nearly a third said their number one challenge is a lack of resources. Interestingly, this was true for both companies with lean budgets and those with significant dollars to spend. A lack of time was the second most commonly cited challenge, followed by issues with content consistency.

So, what do the best companies do to address their content challenges? Let’s take a look and see.

Tackling challenges head-on

What our research showed is that smart companies have a few trusted techniques for improving their content creation efforts. While the most common solution is to enlist more staff members for help, that’s not always an option. What companies really need is to work smarter. They need to become more focused and efficient, by taking advantage of the best tools and techniques.

A quarter of content professionals said that they were adopting technology to address their content challenges. Almost half of them are using content creation and optimization software, followed by organizational tools, and artificial intelligence.

Underscoring this point is recent research from The Content Marketing Institute. It found that 25 percent of B2B and 28 percent of B2C marketers are benefitting from content marketing tools and technologies.

Tools of the trade

Popular collaboration and project management software like Trello (now Atlassian), Asana and Wrike, for example, align teams via knowledge bases, task assignments, and milestone reports. Website analytics tools like track the performance of specific writers and topics and help you take advantage of current trends. Social media management tools like Sprout Social allow you to schedule, publish, and analyze social media posts across several platforms. And, if you need help with editorial calendar planning, AirTable could be the right solution.

Content creation and optimization software is also growing in popularity. Acrolinx, for example, uses artificial intelligence to “read” your content, score it, and guide your writers to improve it. In addition to fixing the basics like spelling and grammar, it also makes your writing more concise, lively, and in line with your company’s unique tone of voice and style guidelines. Getting your content right the first time makes your content creation process more efficient. It also ensures that every piece of content you produce is consistent and high quality.

Focus on the future

Some of the best and most experienced global companies have increased the quality and efficiency of their content marketing with the right tools. To learn more about how today’s leading content professionals approach content, check out our new report.