Earlier this week, some of us at Acrolinx were out in San Francisco for the annual MarTech conference. It’s a great event and if you haven’t checked it out before you definitely should. While we were there, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had won a Stackie, an award given to companies for how they visualize their marketing technology stack. This year, we were honored to have been recognized alongside Connective DX, PitchBook, Delphic Digital, and Uberflip as a company that’s providing leadership within the marketing technology community.

To be considered for the award, companies have to submit a single slide that visually represents how they organize their marketing stack. You can see what we submitted a bit later in this post and what the other winners put together here. The purpose of the awards is to encourage companies to share their approach to marketing technology with the broader community so that everyone can learn and benefit from it.

While it may sound like we’re trying to toot our own horn here, the reality is that I’m telling you about this because I think the award represents something really important. The fact of the matter is that there are currently 3,874 unique martech companies out there (you can see them all in this marketing technology landscape supergraphic published earlier this week). While the massive growth in martech offerings is exciting — five years ago there were just 150 companies in this space — with so many different technologies to choose from, it’s virtually impossible for your average marketing team to know which ones are essential and which aren’t.

We think that the Stackie Awards do the marketing community a real service by helping to cast a light on how some marketing teams are thinking about their stack and how others might. With so much confusion in the martech space, there’s real value in that. The fact is that back in 2012 when Gartner predicted that CMOs would soon spend more on technology than CIOs do, they were right. That day has arrived and modern marketing teams are overwhelmed by all of the technology choices they have.

Our Customer-Centric, Content-Centric Approach to the Marketing Technology Stack

Below you can see the Stackie that we submitted this year, that shows how we like to think about our martech stack here at Acrolinx:


What makes our approach to marketing technology a bit unique is that we made our Stackie customer-centric by putting our customers at the top (that’s the little guy in the blue circle). We did so because we wanted to convey our stack as it relates to our customers. After all, you guys are the North Star we use to orient all of our investments in marketing technology.

As you might expect, our Stackie is also heavily focused on technology that enables better content creation, including our own. We’re not shy about the fact that Acrolinx is a critical part of our tech stack or that we believe that it should be a part of yours. That’s because content is critical to the success of your business, and to do its job, your content has to be great. That means that it has to be on-brand and have a voice that is uniquely yours. That’s exactly what we offer with our platform.

Thank You, MarTech!

While we were excited and honored to win this award — really, what’s not to love about being presented with a beautiful glass trophy presented in front of 2,000 peers — we’re even more excited about what this award represents. In our view, it showcases the importance of remaining focused on your customers when making technology choices, and it signals the coming of age for content optimization technologies like Acrolinx.

If you’d like to learn more about our Stackie talk or about where Acrolinx can fit into your tech stack, send me a note at steve.rotter@acrolinx.com.