Content marketing isn’t just about great writing. Sure, writing is important, but a successful content marketing professional also needs to have a suite of other skills to get results. In fact, the best content marketers don’t just create great content. They are also organized, strategic thinkers who use all the right tools and data to get results.

Of course finding a content marketer who has all the skills you’re looking for is a bit like looking for a unicorn. While many content marketers may have a diverse array of relevant skills, they more often tend to specialize in one area. We’ve captured some of the most common areas below and invite you to decide which content marketing spirit animal resonates most with you.

The Wordsmith Woodpecker

Great content marketing starts with great content. If you’re a wordsmith woodpecker, you know your craft and enjoy creating engaging content for a wide range of purposes, channels, and audiences. You excel at writing everything from compelling headlines and tweets to meaty long-form content, such as eBooks, whitepapers, and reports. You have a way with words and are very good at telling a story that persuades your audience and keeps their attention.

If you’re a wordsmith woodpecker, you also understand your brand’s tone of voice and are a stickler for grammar and spelling. And that’s a good thing. Particularly when you consider that 59 percent of people won’t buy from a company that has bad grammar and careless spelling. If you’re a wordsmith woodpecker, you’re an essential content marketing catch.

The Organized Otter

If you’re an organized otter, you value processes and have a consistent way of doing things. That’s important because content marketing is often a complex job. If you’re not organized, it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong.

Organized otters love deadlines and taking a systematic approach to ensure that nothing keeps their well-oiled machine from running at peak performance. To do so, you probably maintain a comprehensive editorial calendar to keep track of when your blog posts and eBooks need to be published, your newsletters and emails written and sent out, and even when to check your content’s performance. It’s this attention to detail that makes you such a valuable part of the team. It means that you keep everything, and everyone, running as planned.

The Data-Driven Dolphin

Metrics are what get data-driven dolphins excited. If this is you, then you love analytics, data, numbers, and measurement. You’re a whiz at using metrics to measure the success of your content marketing program, and to figure out how to get even better results. You’re also really good at creating data-driven content, such as infographics and data visualizations. Since you’re not afraid of numbers, you’re able to make content that’s really convincing and credible.

As a data-driven dolphin, you love spending your time playing with analytics and A/B testing tools, and helping to demystify them for others. That talent, in particular, makes you a team linchpin that everyone turns to for insights and help.

The Social Media Squirrel

The social media squirrel revels in social networks and channels. If this is you, then you probably have a deep understanding of all the different channels available. You also know how to use them to amplify and promote your content among different audiences.

What makes you particularly useful is that you know how to build, grow, and nurture online communities, and to use them to your advantage. You’re the first to find and discover how to use new channels or applications, and you’re always up-to-the-minute with news and developments. Creative, media savvy, and excellent at forming beneficial relationships with key influencers, you’re going places because you always have your eyes on the prize.

Strategic Starfish

The strategic starfish sees the big picture and knows that for any content marketing efforts to bear fruit, there needs to be a plan. If this is you, then you’re integral to developing a content marketing strategy, and aligning content with your organization’s overall business objectives.

You’re also an excellent project manager and expert at maximizing resources to get the biggest impact. Not only that, you’re able to clearly define and communicate goals and outcomes to the team. You’re also skilled at presenting content marketing’s business value to other parts of the business. With the ability to think, plan, and get things done, you have the potential to be a content marketing superstar.

The Bottom Line

No matter your area of expertise, it’s important to hone your craft and do everything you can to add value to your team. So whether you’re a starfish or an otter, a dolphin or a woodpecker, always strive to be the best content marketer you can be.