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Since 1981, DCL has been a leader in helping organizations maximize the value of their content assets through digitization, making reuse easier and providing greater accessibility. DCL are experts in converting content to XML, DITA, S1000D, and other structured formats. With DCL’s highly automated processes, content quality is vastly improved, systems are future-proofed, redundancies are eliminated, and revenue opportunities are expanded. With digitization and content management expertise across multiple industries including finance, publishing, life sciences, government, manufacturing, technology, and professional organizations, DCL uses its advanced technology and U.S.-based project management teams to help conquer the most complex content conversion challenges.

Areas of Expertise

  • automated XML & HTML conversion
  • making content discoverable and identifying its reuse potential
  • metadata enrichment
  • automation with artificial intelligence
    • machine learning
    • natural language processing
  • extracting content and tables from PDFs
  • web scraping
  • remediating for accessibility and Section 508 compliance

Partnership with Acrolinx

  • Using HarmonizerTM2.0 to replace labor-intensive manual processes typically done using spreadsheets, yellow highlighter markers and sticky notes to identify potentially reusable content. The new software facilitates the automated analysis of larger data collections with more varied document types and provides for more flexible and sophisticated analytics.
  • Digitizing content to make Training and Learning material available wherever it’s needed, including conversion to learning systems and making content accessible and compliant to allow use of materials by those with disabilities
  • Converting and enriching content for migration to Content Management Systems (CMS) and Component Content Management Systems (CCMS).
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), a collection of technologies and algorithms that attempt to duplicate how a human makes decisions. Our Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing under AI provides computers with ability to “learn” without explicit programming, allowing a computer program to analyze and parse a sentence or a paragraph much the way a human would.

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