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Editor Group

Editor Group provides high-quality writing, editing, proofreading, and advisory services to business and government clients. Its team has a strong understanding of editorial processes and challenges within large organizations. The firm was founded by Grant Butler, a leading technology journalist, and has team members in Singapore, Sydney, and New York.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Team of top writers and editors with a deep understanding of editorial processes.
  • Active user of Acrolinx and the first Acrolinx partner for the Asia Pacific region.
  • Strong knowledge of specific sectors including technology, finance, professional services consulting, and government.
  • Experts in content marketing and thought leadership writing.

Partnership with Acrolinx:

Editor Group is Acrolinx’s first partner focused on supporting organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Its team of writers and editors use Acrolinx to assure the quality of the written work they deliver to major corporations and government agencies around the world.

The Editor Group team also helps other organizations gain a better understanding of the Acrolinx software platform. This includes showing where Acrolinx could be used to improve the quality and consistency of their writing, and to make production processes more efficient.

Once a strategy is established, Editor Group helps organizations to implement the software and get their teams up and running as Acrolinx users and administrators.

In addition to supporting organizations’ use of Acrolinx, Editor Group provides expert writing, editing, proofreading, and indexing services. The firm’s clients use these services to create articles, blogs, brochures, presentations, reports, social posts, videos, websites, and more.

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