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VANTAiO is a software manufacturer of flexibly adaptable complete portal solutions based on SAP. Simple, attractive and ready to use – that is the requirement for all VANTAiO software products. Based on our modular system, we deliver preconfigured portal solutions for your business purpose, whether Digital Workplace, HR Portal, Reporting Portal, Extranet Portal or Employee App. VANTAiO portal solutions are characterized by a very high degree of easy use and practicality – and thanks to the VANTAiO ready-to-run approach, they significantly reduce project run times and costs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Preconfigured SAP portal solutions, ready to use
  • Digital Workplace
  • HR Portal
  • Reporting Portal
  • Extranet Portal
  • Employee App
  • Excellent user experience

Partnership with Acrolinx

The Acrolinx module supports editors for corporate SAP portals to optimize editorially created content (textual content such as documents, web articles, news). Acrolinx is the only software that reads content and helps editors to improve it. VANTAiO customers can purchase the Acrolinx software and use it in their SAP portals.

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