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It’s time to get your content into tip-top shape.

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Welcome to your Content Fitness Training Program!

Prepare to check the health of your content, improve its fitness, track your progress, and maintain content discipline. Our rigorous program will have you creating impactful in no time!

The best part about the Acrolinx Content Fitness Training  Program? It’s on-demand! That’s right, you can access any session of the training program whenever you want. What’s more? Whether you want a smaller taste of the topic or an in-depth dive into the specifics, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s an overview of what to expect:

Ready to get started? Let’s begin.

Session one: Content Health Check

First thing’s first, you need to take stock of your current content. How’s it performing? Is it meeting its desired results? 

In this session we’ll cover how to estimate the value of your content. Content drives your customer experience and creates connections where people can’t. That makes it a major asset to your enterprise.

But how can you measure the business value of that content?

Gain insights in our “Lite Bites” from Cruce Saunders about how to grow the value of content assets, and streamline omnichannel production and publishing. Or delve into our Content as an Asset Guide to start calculating the value of your enterprise content.

Lite Bites

Content Insiders – Content as an Asset: Breaking Down Value – S01E02

This week on Content Insiders, Volker and Chris talk with Cruce Saunders, founder and principal of [A], the content intelligence service that partners with enterprise leaders to reach …

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Content is your Biggest Business Asset

Content is your Biggest Business Asset

Hi! 👋 Before we get started, we need you to do something quickly. It’s going to make this blog even more useful. If you can already answer the following questions, jot the numbers down somewhere and feel free to keep reading.

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Deep Dive

Session two: Welcome to Content Fitness

Now you’ve taken stock of the value of your content, it’s time to improve its fitness! 

Start by warming up with our blogs on content fitness. You’ll cover the basic definitions and explore how content fitness and impact can improve customer experience and performance. 

Once you’re ready, dive into the more detailed assets that explore how to create content that’s fit for purpose. Sit back, relax, and watch an on-demand webinar that explains why content fitness needs to be the gold standard and how to create fit content that gives your content the best chance of having the greatest impact.

Lite Bites

content fitness laptop and fitness equipment

Improve Customer Experience with Content Fitness

Content Couch Potato to Content Athlete!  Social media these days seems divided by those fully into fitness culture, and those who….are not. Either way, it’s okay if you’re …

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Evergreen content banner image

What’s Evergreen Content?

There are some things in life we consider timeless or classic. In Western cultures, there are novels like Jane Eyre or Moby Dick, Shakespeare’s plays, Audrey Hepburn’s fashion …

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Deep Dive

Session three: Track Your Progress

Like all good training programs, you need to track your progress. How is your content performing? And how can you transfer data insights into action? 

But first thing’s first — do you know the metrics that matter? Explore our “Deep Dive” assets to learn which content metrics you need to track and how to turn those insights into high performing content.

You will also learn about the Content Cube — Acrolinx’s latest offering — in the “Lite Bites.”

The Content Cube gives marketers clear insight into how their content is performing by aligning performance metrics with content fitness data and providing actionable insights. So what are we waiting for, let’s start session three!

Lite Bites

content analytics

Content Analytics: 4 Types You Need to Understand

Content is one of the most effective business tools you have. It’s a way to attract, engage, and keep prospects and customers, and get them to take specific …

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The Acrolinx Content Cube

The Content Cube

There’s no doubt that great digital content creates strong engagement that leads to qualified conversions. But after working closely with marketing customers, Acrolinx uncovered a largely overlooked connection …

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Deep Dive

Session four: Maintain Content Discipline

The final part of the training plan focuses on how to maintain the content discipline you’ve worked so hard to build. 

High-performing content always has certain qualities — but what are they? In our “Lite Bites” we explore the five characteristics of awesome content and how to maintain a strong brand tone of voice in our blogs.

For a deeper understanding, make sure to check out the Recipes for Amazing Content guide. You’ll learn how to create pillar pieces of content that perform time and time again.

And remember, maintaining content discipline is vital to sustaining successful content efforts. So get stuck into these assets to make sure you’re keeping your content up to scratch.

Lite Bites

The 5 Characteristics of Great Content

The 5 Characteristics of Great Content

Characteristics of impactful content In case you hadn’t noticed, in today’s online world we’re practically drowning in content — more content, to tell you the truth, than we …

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You’ve Built A Great Brand Voice. Here’s How to Maintain It.

If your brand was a person what would it say, and how would it say it?  It’s no secret that good branding builds businesses that last, but what …

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Deep Dive

… And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for taking part in the Acrolinx Content Fitness Training Program! Now you should have all the tools you need to create content that’s fit for purpose and ready to deliver its desired impact. Remember, Acrolinx is here to help you every step of the way — including our newest capability, the Content Cube.

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