Cost Effective and Accurate Localization and Translation

Turn "Huh?" Into "Aha!"

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A recent study found that 87% of consumers wouldn’t buy from an English-only website. Translation bridges the language barrier, but localization adapts content to make it more meaningful and relevant to a foreign market. 

And it isn’t just about getting your message into the local language –  it’s about doing it accurately, cost-effectively, and at scale. But without the right governance, both translation and localization are at risk of costing your business valuable time and money. 

Learn how Acrolinx helps you:

  • Write clear and readable source content
  • Use a consistent style with the right terminology across all your content types, such as documentation, UI strings, service manuals, or release notes
  • Achieve faster translation and localization with fewer queries from translators about the meaning of the text