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Improving content value through governance

For global organizations, a successful content strategy must consider the impact of new and existing content. The challenge many organizations face is the inability to understand the impact their content has over time. Published assets can quickly become outdated, off brand, and can even risk compliance. Content managers are left in the difficult position to either waste resources analyzing and identifying existing content or focus on creating new content.

How Acrolinx governs your content

The Content Cube pairs your existing web analytics data with the fitness of your content. It then prioritizes which content needs the most improvement based on engagement metrics. Easily understand how content improvements are impacting performance.

Illustration of the Content Cube analysis

Content Analyzer

Quickly assess a group of content to understand the fitness of your content. The Content Analyzer scans a repository of local content or web content presenting the Acrolinx Score for each content piece.


Acrolinx integrates directly into your enterprise’s content workflows. Our command-line interface, API, and 50+ integrations automatically catch bad content before it’s published. Writers are guided to improve content, aligning that content with business goals.

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Acrolinx analytics dashboard to understand how content is performing against the Acrolinx score.

Acrolinx has a suite of dashboards to help you assess performance, pinpoint problems, and improve your content operation. 

Acrolinx compares the performance of your content with your writing goals. This improves content fitness, velocity, and cost savings.

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