First to offer search engine optimization “while you write” in all leading authoring tools

Denver, Colorado – December 4, 2012  Acrolinx announced today the upcoming availability of its 3.0 release, which vastly expands Acrolinx’s support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

“Most SEO tools analyze content after it is completed, or even after publication,” said Tim Walters, a principal analyst at Digital Clarity Group. “Acrolinx’s approach provides SEO feedback to authors as they create content, which can make optimization more efficient and build SEO directly into the content production process.”

Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder and President of Acrolinx, said, “Many of our customers are keen to address the challenge of managing their SEO initiatives. We built this new functionality to help them improve their search results, bringing benefits in both customer acquisition and support. Adding support for SEO was a logical next step for our product because Acrolinx already integrates with leading authoring tools to check language for readability and translatability.”

To use Acrolinx for SEO, an author clicks the Acrolinx “Check” button in their authoring tool or web content management system. Acrolinx evaluates the document or web page and flags opportunities for improvement.

Acrolinx produces a comprehensive report with results such as:

  • Effectiveness rating for each keyword
  • Warnings & opportunities for each keyword
  • Analysis of URLs, metadata and microdata
  • Analysis of multimedia content (images and videos) for vertical search engines

Acrolinx also helps improve click-through rate (CTR), which is the percentage of people who click on links in the search engine results page (SERP). To improve CTR, Acrolinx guides authors to create content that results in higher-quality “snippets” (which comes from content on the web page).

Acrolinx 3.0 is expected to be available before the end of January 2013.

About Acrolinx:
Acrolinx provides Content Optimization Software that enables companies such as Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens to make their content easier to comprehend, cheaper to translate, and easier to find. Built on a powerful linguistic analytics engine, Acrolinx helps you analyze and optimize the content you deliver to your customers. Learn more at