Now helps German-language writers create more readable & engaging content

Santa Clara, CA – October 6, 2014 Acrolinx announced today version 4.1 of its content optimization software, which guides writers to create content that meets corporate standards for tone of voice, style, and terminology.

The 4.1 release extends Acrolinx’s “Voice” capability to the German language. Now German authors of technical and marketing content can get Acrolinx to rate how “readable” and how “lively and conversational” their content is.

Speaking about this new capability, Andrew Bredenkamp, Acrolinx’s Founder and Chairman, said, “Our Voice capability applies linguistic science to helping teams of authors write in a single clear, compelling voice. For over ten years, we have focused on helping authors create content that matches corporate standards for style, spelling, grammar, and terminology, but for many companies, that’s not enough. Marketers and technical communicators want to produce content that goes beyond transferring knowledge and build a human connection with their customers too.”

To use the Voice capability, an Acrolinx customer first sets the target level for each Voice score. Customers can set up different targets for different types of documents; for example, they may want a marketing document to be more lively and conversational than a technical document.

Based on the target scores, Acrolinx tells writers how well they’ve met each target. If a score lies outside the target range, Acrolinx provides guidance for increasing or reducing the score.

Acrolinx 4.1 is immediately available to customers with current maintenance.

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