San Jose, Calif. — September 17, 2015 — Acrolinx today announced that its content-optimization platform has been added to SDL’s Navy Subscription License Agreement (NESL). The expanded agreement makes it easier for the U.S. Navy and supporting contractors to deploy Acrolinx technology in their publishing process, which provides functionality to measurably improve the clarity, readability, consistency and quality of printed and digital technical documentation. The possible benefits for the Navy include improving operational efficiencies, increasing operator and technician safety and reducing mean time to repair.

From sophisticated submarines to advanced aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy and its contractors produce millions of pages of technical content to support the largest battle fleet in the world. Through implementation of the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite content delivery solution, the NESL program reduces the total cost of ownership for technical data creation, management and distribution services in support of the US Naval surface and underwater fleets. By leveraging one of the world’s most advanced linguistic analytics technologies, Acrolinx software can “read” and analyze this highly technical content to ensure consistency with the terminology and style defined by the U.S. Navy. Acrolinx software also “scores” every piece of technical content, providing a measurable standard to evaluate content quality and readability.

“We’re excited to be included with SDL in support of the U.S. Navy,” said Acrolinx Chairman and CEO, Andrew Bredenkamp. “Using Acrolinx will allow the Navy to more efficiently create large volumes of high-quality technical communications.”

The SDL NESL agreement is part of a broader Rationalization, Reduction and Centralization Strategy developed by the U.S. Navy. This agreement delivers the technology that is at the heart of the Navy’s Standard NAVSEA Integrated Publishing Process (SNIPP), which is designed to create common and repeatable processes, standardized applications and data repositories, as well as data integration across authoritative data sources.

“Acrolinx delivers tangible quality improvements and provides objective, quantified reports,” said Lou Iuppa, SDL VP of Strategic Business Development. “Access through NESL provides Navy programs with an easier way to seamlessly integrate Acrolinx into their continuous improvement strategies – helping to drive program lifecycle costs down. The measured results provide instant ROI justification”

Acrolinx and SDL are proud to demonstrate their combined solutions at the 2015 S1000D User Forum in San Diego from September 21-24 and through a series of online webinars starting Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. To find out how SDL’s solutions reduce total cost of ownership for the U.S. Navy to access interactive technical content delivery systems, check out the NESL program on

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