Language checks and terminology management increase content quality and save money

Denver, July 12, 2013: HOMAG Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the woodworking industry, has implemented Acrolinx content optimization software. HOMAG has shown that using Acrolinx improves content quality and helps them achieve drastic cost savings in translation.

Acrolinx detects inconsistencies in source content
Before Acrolinx, the departments at HOMAG did not speak a single, consistent language and often used different wording for identical concepts. These inconsistencies also led to increased translation costs. Acrolinx now helps to identify and avoid such costly language and wording variations. And with shorter source content, fewer words must be translated. While researching their options, HOMAG identified two different approaches to content optimization: language checkers based on a linguistic engine and authoring memories which reuse existing content.

“The advantage of Acrolinx is that it combines both approaches. With Acrolinx, we can check content for grammar, terminology, and style issues. Additionally, the Acrolinx Reuse feature helps authors identify similar sentences with identical meaning,” explains Martin Bussieweke, head of training and software product manager at the HOMAG subsidiary Weeke Bohrsysteme GmbH.

5,000 terms in the terminology database 
From existing content like manuals and user interfaces, Acrolinx extracted the most relevant terms for HOMAG. After individual departments reviewed these terms, Acrolinx created the initial terminology database of 5,000 terms. All of these terms are now available to the authors and developers for validating new text. Before Acrolinx, both customers and internal sales entities had problems with the understandability of the content. The implementation of a consistent source language drastically reduced those issues and helped to increase the quality of the translated content.

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About Acrolinx
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