SAUTER deploys Acrolinx IQ in the Cloud to manage the quality of their customer facing information

Berlin, 14 October 2011

Acrolinx, the leader in content quality management, today announced that SAUTER has deployed the SaaS version of Acrolinx IQ, Acrolinx in the Cloud, to enable their content developers and translators to deliver high quality content to their customers worldwide. SAUTER, based in Basel, Switzerland, is a world leader in building automation and system integration and is present worldwide. Providing their global customer base with consistent, accurate information is a top priority at SAUTER. However, they experienced challenges with checking large volumes of content against quality standards, managing corporate terminology and preparing content for translation.

Acrolinx was able to help them create a terminology database through multi-lingual term extraction and term harvesting. These features allowed them to extract frequently used terms, decide on approved words, and create a terminology database making content easier to translate and more consistent for their customers. Additionally, the software was able to guide their writers to check for quality issues including grammar, style, read-ability and reuse opportunities before content went to translation or into their content management system. The result is correct content that is ready for publishing and delivery to a global market. With the new SaaS version of Acrolinx IQ, SAUTER was able to scale their investment in linguistic intelligence to meet the growing needs of their business with minimum risk or investment.

“Since quality is a top priority at SAUTER AG, we were looking for a solution to manage terminology and help our writers comply with quality standards,” said Marco Aeschimann, Head of Publishing. “With Acrolinx IQ in the Cloud, we have been able to improve the quality of published content, increase efficiency and decrease translation costs.”

“Acrolinx is thrilled to be able to help SAUTER deliver the highest quality content to their customers,” said Markus Juhr-DeBenedetti, COO of Acrolinx. “SAUTER now has the ability to communicate effectively by providing writers with an editing tool that gives them easy access to the right information.”

The Leading Platform for Content Analytics and Information Quality

Successful companies including Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Philips, and Siemens rely on Acrolinx as their foundation for content excellence. Acrolinx has a proven track-record of helping the world’s top brands deliver an Exceptional Information Experience to their customers. Using a natural language processing engine, the sophisticated Acrolinx technology analyzes, measures, and improves the quality of content. The result is consistent and effective customer communication in every market.

As a leading provider of solutions for building automation technology in green buildings, SAUTER ensures good climate conditions and comfort in sustainable environments. As a specialist, SAUTER develops, produces and markets complete energy-efficient system solutions and offers a comprehensive range of services to guarantee energy-optimised building operation. Our products, solutions and services ensure high energy efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of a building, from planning and construction through to operation, in office and administrative buildings, research and educational establishments, hospitals, industrial buildings and laboratories, airports, leisure facilities, hotels and data centres. With over a century of experience and a track record of technological know-how, SAUTER is a proven system integrator, with a reputation that guarantees continuous innovation and Swiss quality. SAUTER was honoured for the best automation system in 2009 and won the 2010 Building Efficiency Award for the best energy service; it provides users and operators with an overview of energy flows and consumption, enabling them to keep track of their costs.