Acrolinx Enables the Creation of Consistent, High-Quality Content Creation at Scale

San Francisco, Calif. — March 31, 2015 Acrolinx today announced the launch of a new, cloud-based software platform that helps enterprises increase the impact and scale of their content marketing initiatives. Based on a powerful linguistic analytics technology, the new cloud-based software actually “reads” companies’ content and analyzes it against thousands of linguistic dimensions and rules such as style, terminology, readability, and tone, providing writers with real-time guidance on how they can make it better.


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“Our new solution addresses one of the most complex issue facing organizations today,” explained Kumar Vora, Acrolinx’s CEO. “How do you simultaneously create high-quality content while also expanding your content marketing operations?”

Expanding on this challenge, Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute noted, “The Content Marketing Institute has been benchmarking enterprise marketers for the last six years and each and every year the number one or number two challenge from marketers is how to produce engaging, quality content for their audiences”.

Ensuring that content­­ — from Web pages, blog posts and eBooks, to product manuals, technical support, legal documentation and more — is on-brand, and on-message should be every marketer’s concern. However, a recent study of 340 global companies by Acrolinx found over 69 percent fell below the desired benchmark for content quality.

To address these challenges, the new Acrolinx solution provides three very unique features:

  • Audience Personalization: Within the software, users can define unique audience profiles with specific preferences for words, phrases, brand terms, and SEO keywords. The Acrolinx engine understands this profile blueprint and guides writers to develop content that consistently matches those preferences.
  • Real-Time Guidance: Like having your own personal writing coach, Acrolinx features a convenient side-bar that is integrated directly within authoring tools like Microsoft Word. As they type, the side-bar gives writers real-time guidance on style, grammar, tone and terminology to develop and refine their content.
  • The Acrolinx Score: The Acrolinx dashboard gives marketing executives a complete view of their content quality and synthesises the complex linguistic analysis into a single score that’s easy to measure and manage.

“Acrolinx is a valuable technology for anyone concerned with brand,” said Kathleen Pierce, Director, Commercial Content Operations, Illumina. “Our company is growing rapidly, and we have writers around the world from different departments, acquisitions, and vendors. Acrolinx enables this diverse group to speak with one voice.” 

Acrolinx’s on-premise software is already used and valued by hundreds of global brands including Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips and Siemens. The new cloud-based solution enables large, decentralized organizations to easily scale their content production across departments, geographies and even organizational boundaries.

“Using consistent messaging across all channels should be a priority for any marketing team,” said Glenn Domagalski, Sr. Localization Specialist, Amway North America. “The Acrolinx platform plays a key role in helping Amway create high-quality, consistent content.”

“For most organizations, content marketing is the engine of demand generation and brand building, and proving impact and ROI is a constant expectation,” said Kumar Vora, Acrolinx CEO. “In the past year, we’ve seen the volume of content increase at an amazing rate however more content doesn’t always equal better content. The new Acrolinx Cloud Edition helps content marketing organizations vastly improve results by consistently producing content that is engaging, enjoyable and impactful.”

About Acrolinx
The Acrolinx platform helps the world’s greatest brands create amazing content at-scale. Content that’s on-brand, on-target, and drives business results. Built on an advanced linguistic analytics engine, Acrolinx is the only software platform that can actually “read” your content and guide writers to make it better. That’s why companies like Adobe, Boeing, Google, and Philips use Acrolinx to create content that’s more engaging, enjoyable and impactful. Learn more at

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Laura Maas
InkHouse (for Acrolinx)