Leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery relies on Acrolinx software for content optimization and terminology management to improve quality and cut costs

Santa Clara, CA – February 18, 2014 – Acrolinx software helps technical writers, marketing experts, and design engineers at CLAAS, a global leader in agricultural technology, to create consistent and accurate content. The company creates its documents in three different languages (German, English, and French), optimizes that content with Acrolinx, and then translates it into 30+ languages.

Acrolinx content optimization software guides authors to comply with CLAAS’s corporate standards so that they produce consistent, accurate, and understandable content. Optimized content increases both service quality and customer satisfaction. As Ute Rummel, the group’s central terminology manager, explains: “The linguistic capabilities of this solution are unique in the market. Not only does Acrolinx check spelling and grammar but also terminology and style.” With Acrolinx, CLAAS ensures that its technical terms are used consistently across all its documents, from their sales brochures right through to price lists and repair manuals.

Translation a Key Area for Cost Reduction
The Acrolinx solution was first introduced into CLAAS’s technical documentation department, which has a team of 60. Here, Acrolinx integrates with the FrameMaker editor ofTIM-RS®, an authoring system from Fischer Computertechnik. The system encourages standardized authoring among the technical writers. Eva-Maria Rode, one of the team members from the technical documentation department, points out: “Standardized language reduces the cost of translation because we write sentences with consistent structure. For our translation management team, this is a key factor in reducing costs.” Another CLAAS team that makes use of language checking is Corporate Marketing, which has around 50 employees.

CLAAS has also integrated the Acrolinx Term Browser into their intranet, where all of the group’s employees around the world can access it in German, English, and French. Here, everyone can look up term definitions and also read up on context information. In the future, CLAAS will makes its terminology available to partner businesses such as sales agents, who will be granted restricted access.

For further details, please refer to the full-length CLAAS case study.

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