Hella Gutmann Solutions uses Acrolinx to create consistent, readable content for its automotive diagnostics devices.

Santa Clara, California – March 26, 2014 – Hella Gutmann Solutions, a leading international manufacturer of multibrand automotive diagnostic devices, uses Acrolinx content optimization software to ensure consistent, accurate grammar and terminology of their technical content.

More than 40,000 automotive garages benefit from more standardized terminology and easier-to-understand text in their diagnostic devices. The connection between Acrolinx and the translation memory system also ensures that only uniformly defined terminology is used. This eases entry into new markets because it reduces the cost of updating software and translating into additional languages.

Technical writers at Hella Gutmann create the information that their diagnostic devices display to technicians. This information helps the technicians diagnose and repair vehicles from all automotive manufacturers. As part of the content creation process, the writers try to standardize the proprietary style and terminology of each automotive manufacturer. By standardizing the language, technicians working on any automotive brand can easily understand the information with less possibility for confusion and error.

Before Hella Gutmann implemented Acrolinx, they sometimes used many different terms to refer to the same thing. In addition, editors applied their own unique style to the writing. These variations led to inconsistencies in the information, descriptions of components, and working instructions that technicians saw. The translators at Hella Gutmann struggled with these inconsistencies and frequently sent queries to development technicians to ask for clarification, which added time and cost to the process.

Acrolinx software ensures consistent, understandable language and terminology as the writers create content. “By using the style, grammar and terminology checks within Acrolinx, we have now established a standardized Hella Gutmann language style,” explains Bert Reichelt, head of technical documentation at Hella Gutmann. “No matter how a specific manufacturer might describe something, such as a window wiper relay, Hella Gutmann has already examined all the available names and settled on the most suitable one, which we’re now using consistently.”

Efficient Translation Thanks to Cleaner Source Language
Keeping up with continual changes is part of delivering great customer service. Hella Gutmann updates their diagnostic devices with technical enhancements and new vehicle models twice annually in 14 languages, which makes it critical for their processes to be fast and accurate.

Higher consistency in the source language helps the company streamline their translation process because translators no longer need to decide between alternative terms in the target language. Hella Gutmann uses Acrolinx’s terminology management system to store each preferred term along with its preferred translations and prohibited alternatives.

By controlling terminology, Acrolinx has helped Hella Gutmann significantly reduce translation time. Reducing translation time keeps translation costs under control while enabling the company to deliver faster updates and provide better service to its customers worldwide.

For more information, see the Hella Gutmann Solutions case study:

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