San Jose, Calif. — September 1, 2015 — Acrolinx today published the second installment in its research series on content quality. Entitled “Global Content Impact Index: Measuring How Consistent the World’s Brands Are With Their Content,” the report highlights how dramatically content quality can vary within individual brands and the effect that can have on customer experiences. This most recent research reflects analysis conducted in August 2015 on 170 leading brands from around the world. full report here

“Today’s customers value consistent brand experiences, and of course content plays a critical role in shaping that perception,” explained Acrolinx CEO, Andrew Bredenkamp. “Yet in large organizations where there are many different content teams spread across departments, offices, and geographies, achieving that consistency at scale is really hard.”

To measure content consistency, Acrolinx used its content optimization platform to analyze the quality and clarity of the content from 170 leading company websites, including their corporate communication, product content, support content, and blogs. By scoring each of those sections and measuring the variance between those scores, Acrolinx was able to determine just how consistent each company’s content actually is.

The research showed that companies fell into one of four categories:

  • Only 19 percent of companies have consistent, high-quality content
  • 27 percent of companies created consistent, low-quality content
  • 41 percent of companies had very inconsistent content
  • 13 percent of companies have a dangerous combination of highly inconsistent, low-quality content

The potential implications of having inconsistent content are serious. Not only can inconsistent content create confusion and give customers the impression that they’re interacting with lots of different people rather than a unified company, it can also result in brand erosion. Conversely, a recent study by McKinsey & Company found that a consistent customer experience will increase customer satisfaction, build trust, and boost loyalty.

“Consistency really matters at every touch point,” noted Bredenkamp. “Whether it’s engaging with a news item and coming into contact with your brand for the very first time, reading up on a product prior to a purchase, or engaging with support content post sale, it’s critical that all of that content helps support a consistent, high-quality experience.”

To learn more about the Global Content Impact Index, download the full report by clicking here.

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