San Jose, Calif. — April 18, 2016 — In a new report published today, Acrolinx shares proprietary data that proves the connection between content quality and business results. Entitled “Good vs. Great: How to Double the Impact of Your Content Strategy,” the report shares the findings from a survey conducted earlier this year of more than 800 professionals. It goes on to emphasize the importance of content quality, noting that to truly optimize their content marketing programs and maximize their return on investment, companies need to focus on creating higher-quality content.

While most marketers say that they understand the importance of high-quality content, many still sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity,” said Steve Rotter, Acrolinx CMO. “Until now, there hasn’t been any compelling data to support why that’s a flawed approach. This report fills that gap by showing the dramatic effect that content quality has on the metrics that matter most to today’s marketers.

Specifically, the report found that higher-quality content can lead to a:

  • 2x increase in brand perception.
  • 3x increase in conversions.
  • 2x increase in intent to purchase.

What our research confirms is that even small changes in content quality can yield significant improvements to business results,” noted Rotter. “For organizations that are spending thousands, and in some cases millions of dollars to create and distribute their content, that’s significant.

For the purposes of this report, content quality refers specifically to the quality of the writing, including how clearly written and easy it is to read, its use of style and tone of voice, and whether or not it’s free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

To download a copy of the full report, click here.

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