To speak in a consistent voice, Schneider Electric implemented Acrolinx content optimization software.

Denver, Colorado – October 1, 2013  Acrolinx announced today that Schneider Electric has deployed Acrolinx content optimization software to help improve the quality of Schneider Electric’s product documentation.

Schneider Electric has authoring teams worldwide that don’t necessarily work together, but deliver content that should “speak with one voice.” In addition, because both native and non-native English speaking authors create content, quality and style varied greatly. So to align and improve their content, Schneider Electric evaluated several different solutions. Acrolinx delivered the best results in terms of checking content, identifying new terms, and user friendliness, but the biggest advantage of Acrolinx was its support for all aspects of language – grammar, style, terminology and reporting – so Schneider Electric doesn’t have to use multiple vendors.

Two-Tiered Quality ChecksSchneider Electric has already implemented guidance for authors to use correct grammar and corporate style. They are now building a terminology database to help authors use the correct vocabulary. Acting as an automatic copy editor, Acrolinx is deployed at two stages of the content creation process. In the first stage, Acrolinx checks copy that comes in from outside sources to make sure that it complies with Schneider Electric’s standards. And in the second stage, Acrolinx works within Adobe FrameMaker to guide authors interactively as they write.

Schneider Electric has already achieved several benefits from their use of Acrolinx: they can now be sure that their authors always deliver high-quality content; they’re able to create technical content more quickly; and their customers benefit from increased readability. “Since the implementation of Acrolinx, we are able to unify the language of our English content. Quality of style and conformity is clearly improving,” explains Silke Köhler, International Process Manager for Technical Publication and Translation at Schneider Electric Industry.

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