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Clear Boundaries and Ideal Integration

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The Problem
It’s the source that matters. Working with a translation memory system like ONTRAM can save an enormous amount of time and money if the source text for the translation is clear. ONTRAM also contains a simple terminology checking tool, but – based on a number of customer requests – Andrä Solutions GmbH & Co. KG began searching for a way to provide more comprehensive improvements to the source text, including style and terminology checking tools, variant management, synonym recognition, and linguistic intelligence.

The Solution
Andrä Solutions GmbH & Co. KG selected Acrolinx as its software partner for language checking because the company’s platform for corporate language offers the most comprehensive range of functions available on the market. Additionally, both Acrolinx and ONTRAM are web-based server solutions, which makes it easier to connect them to one another. There is no overlap between the two systems; rather, there is a clear boundary at which the project is handed off from one system to the other. What’s more, unlike other terminology management solutions, Acrolinx is also designed as an open system that provides easy access to terms.

Whenever our customers need a serious terminology management solution that goes beyond Excel spreadsheets, we recommend Acrolinx. – Annika Neumann, Business Development Department, Andrä Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

The Company
Sven C. Andrä founded Andrä Solutions GmbH & Co. KG in 1999 with the goal of developing intelligent software solutions for companies based on modern Web technologies. The ONTRAM team has grown over the years; today, the experienced software developers, product managers, customer account managers, support specialists, and sales representatives still work to achieve this goal from the company’s development headquarters in Berlin. In order to react quickly and flexibly to the wide range of challenges presented by customers, the company has been utilizing agile methods such as SCRUM and Kanban for years – to great success. In keeping with its principles of agility, Andrä Solutions GmbH & Co. KG’s main focus is on people and a spirit of togetherness, on functional software, close cooperation with customers, and adaptability.

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