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Arm Holdings

How Acrolinx Helps Arm Holdings Create Better Content, Faster

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The Problem

Arm’s old content journey relied on manual processes, from developing engineering specifications all the way to publication of new content. Some of their biggest challenges were achieving clear and consistent content across different teams using different authoring environments. Without the ability to scale its content creation, Arm was limited to producing classical technical manuals, some 6000 pages long.

The Solution

Arm has been using Acrolinx since 2015. Arm likes the fact that everyone is a potential content creator. They wanted to keep the spirit of innovation and collaboration, without descending into content chaos.

In the process of adopting Acrolinx, Arm refreshed its outdated style guide to include specific guidance for different content types. For example, a lot of Arm’s technical content includes code and previously, there was no guidance on how to present code in manuals. Now, Acrolinx guides writers to publish content that’s less formal in tone, accessible, SEO optimized and suitable for global audiences.

Acrolinx has been helpful in making the services teams and support engineers aware of how to improve their content. – Melissa Good, Editor at Arm

The Company
Arm Holdings is a British multinational semiconductor and software design company, owned by SoftBank Group and its Vision Fund, with 44 office locations across 20 countries. Arm employs more than 6000 employees from 61 nationalities.

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