Content Marketing at Scale

Webinar Recording | 60 minutes
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It seems easy at first. You start with a few white papers, some blog posts, and the occasional ebook. But then something happens … just like the marathon runner who “hits the wall,” you feel overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the insatiable demand for fresh content. You stare at the disturbing white spaces on your content plan and wonder; how you will ever “feed the beast.” If you struggle with these feelings of desperation, this seminar is for you.

Watch three of the foremost experts on content marketing Ann Handley, Doug Kessler, and Andrew Bredenkamp discuss five critical issues every marketing team needs to address as they scale their content marketing.

What Will You Learn?

  • Quantity vs. quality—getting your editorial plan right is only half the equation
  • Insource vs. outsource—either way, you could get this wrong
  • Writers vs. robots—who should you hire for your content team
  • It all comes down to words—knowing the words that build, words that bond, and words that bore
  • Lighten up and stand out—getting the right tone for your content, at the right time, for the right person

Presented by

Andrew Bredenkamp, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO


Doug Kessler

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Velocity Partners

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer


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