Introduction to Content Optimization Technology

Webinar Recording | 60 minutes
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Why do the most recognized brands on the planet trust Acrolinx? Because in today’s content-driven world, every word matters. If your content isn’t driving results, it’s not doing its job.

Learn in this webinar how Acrolinx can help you create better content. Acrolinx is the only software that makes your content better. That means every aspect of your content marketing has a greater impact, from your white papers and landing pages, to your website content and more. Acrolinx helps marketers solve three big challenges:

Great content at scale
Content fuels marketing, but most teams can’t keep up with the insatiable demand. Acrolinx solves this issue by helping every writer in your organization create better content that’s on-brand and on-target.

The right message, always
Content comes from every part of your organization and it all impacts your customers. Acrolinx makes it easy to keep a consistent brand, message, and style across everything your customers see so that you’re always able to speak with one voice.

Real ROI
When your content is better, all of your marketing investments perform better, such as your website, paid programs, social, and more. Think of Acrolinx as an accelerator for your entire marketing budget.

Presented by

Steve Rotter



Lindsey Treloar

Enterprise Account Director EMEA


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