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High-Quality Automotive Diagnostic Tools Require Consistent Terminology

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The Problem
An international manufacturer of multibrand automotive diagnostic devices, Hella Gutmann supplies products to independently-operated automotive garages all over the world. In the past, the information and instructions on the displays of their diagnostic devices were often difficult to understand. This was due to inconsistent language in the source text from many different automotive manufacturers.

The Solution
By deploying Acrolinx content optimization software, Hella Gutmann improved the quality of the content that their diagnostic devices display. Thanks to Acrolinx guiding the process of repurposing the original manufacturers’ content, it’s now consistent and understandable, which simplifies the work of the mechanics.

With software products,customer support from the manufacturer is crucial. The support provided by Acrolinx is nothing but outstanding. The Acrolinx support team is reliable, fast, and experienced. In the rare event that there is no quick solution, the team still provides honest and reliable answers. – Bert Reichelt, Head of Technical Documentation, Hella Gutmann Solutions

The Company
Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH, which is part of the Hella Gutmann Group, is headquartered in Ihringen, Germany, and has around 400 employees. The Hella Gutmann Group commenced operations in 2008 as the result of a joint venture between HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. and diagnostics specialist Gutmann Messtechnik. The new company is based on a quarter century of experience and specialist expertise in the development and production of professional vehicle and exhaust gas diagnostic tools, as well as Hella’s experience with automotive garage equipment in areas such as light adjustment, battery testing, and lighting.

Today, around 40,000 garages, car dealerships, and breakdown services across 24 countries rely on devices from Hella Gutmann Solutions on a daily basis. Around 35,000 garages across 24 countries use electronic multibrand tools ‘Made in Ihringen.’ The devices’ software is available in 17 different languages. Together with Hella, Hella Gutmann Solutions provides one of the world’s biggest sales and service networks for the automotive repair market.

Facts & Figures (October 2013)
Terms in the database: 15,000
Word count reduction: more than 40%

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