How To Prepare Your Content for an LLM

The Ultimate Checklist for the Enterprise

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If you’re deploying an LLM, you need to get your input content into shape. 

So how do you ground your LLM to capture your unique enterprise style, tone, terminology, and brand guidelines? By tuning your LLM using only your best writing — that’s your clearest, most consistent, and totally compliant content.

Quality, accuracy, and compliance are paramount if you want to set your LLM up for success. But deciding on the best content to use is easier said than done when the average enterprise writes billions of words. 

That’s where Acrolinx comes in, we’ll show you:

  • What content qualities you need to prioritize when selecting your input content
  • How content governance plays an essential role
  • How Acrolinx can help you at every stage of implementing and using your LLM

It’s time to deploy an LLM that’s actually useful and impactful for your enterprise! Read our checklist to get started.

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