Keeping Your Web Messages on Track With a Little Help From AI

Webinar | 45 minutes
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As digital experiences have penetrated every aspect of today’s life, people are exposed to hundreds – if not thousands – of marketing messages. While the irrelevant ones are quickly forgotten, those that manage to catch people’s eyes have the potential to turn them into lifelong, loyal customers.

It should come as no surprise that, on average, a third (32%) of an organization’s total marketing budget is spent on content marketing, and the web is a crucial delivery mechanism for that content.

But, as a marketer, how can you ensure your web messages are consistently on-brand and on-target?

Join Arjen van den Akker, SDL, and Olivia Voils, Acrolinx as they explore:

  • The importance of crafting a high quality, relevant message for each customer
  • How to ensure you’re not diluting brand identity in the creative process
  • Why AI is an invaluable way to improve and track your content’s overall performance

Come away with the knowledge you need to ensure the digital experiences you create are always impactful and true to your brand – regardless of language, channel, purpose, or who created it.

Presented by

Arjen van den Akker

Product Marketing Director


Olivia Voils

Senior Product Manager


Arjen van den Akker works as a Product Marketing Director at SDL in the Digital Experience space. He has a 20+ years background in computer engineering and marketing. Arjen has worked at a series of international B2B software vendors, helping them turn technology jargon into clear propositions that relate to business outcome.

Over the past 10+ years, Olivia Voils has held various roles at Acrolinx, including linguistic engineer, project consultant, and development manager. In her current role as senior product manager, Olivia is responsible for all Acrolinx integrations, the sidebar, as well as the custom integrations program.

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