Long Live Great Content

Keeping enterprise content valuable across its lifespan

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Did you know that up to 70% of enterprise content assets go unused? Without a governing strategy, you’re up against duplicate efforts, poor content quality, limited visibility into performance metrics, or off-brand content that creates a poor customer experience. Ouch!

What if there was an option to maintain the value of content while meeting business objectives, for the duration of content’s lifespan? In this eBook, learn:

  1. How to maximize content value across its lifespan. 
  2. How technology can help with enterprise-wide content oversight. 
  3. The characteristics of content that’s built for long-term success

If you’re investing in content, you should be aiming to keep it valuable over time. To achieve this, you need extended content governance to create, manage, and continuously improve your content in a unified way. “Long Live Great Content! Keeping enterprise content valuable across its lifespan” is the perfect playbook to get more out of your content, for the same resources or less.

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