Quality Assurance in Content Creation at SAP

Webinar Recording | 60 minutes
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SAP has been using Acrolinx for more than a decade to make sure that their product and company content is accurate and consistent. Authors at SAP are therefore able to write technical documentation, training materials, and internal reports that simply work better.

SAP authors use the Acrolinx content optimization software to check texts for issues with spelling, grammar, style (tone of voice), and terminology, and they do so directly within their authoring tools and content management systems. When Acrolinx finds a potential problem, it marks their text with a visual indicator. For many problems, Acrolinx also offers one or more suggestions via the right-click menu.

Furthermore, the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services uses the Acrolinx Reporting Connector and SAP Crystal Reports to generate reports about their content quality. These reports provide meaningful metrics about the improvement of content quality in different languages over time.

In our joint webinar with SAP, you will learn:

  • how SAP uses Acrolinx to create content that works better,
  • which SAP departments use Acrolinx and how,
  • how SAP compiles statistics with Acrolinx, and
  • how SAP customizes the Acrolinx content optimization software.

Presented by

Melanie Wells

Support Engineer in Language Technology


Jon Wells

Support Engineer in Language Technology


Michael Klemme

Senior Solutions Architect


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