SMASHDOCs and Acrolinx — a Perfect Match for Collaborative Authoring

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In this webinar, you’ll learn about SMASHDOCs, a web-based collaborative editor that now integrates with Acrolinx. Not everyone in your organization is willing to use XML tools for content tasks, nor do you want to create content with your colleagues in Word. After all, who wants version chaos at the end of the day?

With SMASHDOCs, you can create content collaboratively with your content contributors in one central document, immediately seeing what’s changed at any given time. And thanks to this latest integration, Acrolinx can check your terminology, grammar, style, and tone of voice during the authoring process.

Just write your document, structure the content, check it with Acrolinx, and choose the final publishing format (such as XML, Word, INDD, and others) when you export it to a file or your CCMS.

SMASHDOCs helps you overcome departmental silos and create intelligent content — all through a clear user interface for authoring and collaboration.

Presented by

Christian Gericke


smartwork solutions GmbH

Christian Marchsreiter

CEO and Founder

smartwork solutions GmbH

Ulrich Callmeier



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