Stuck in Reverse? How Illumina Put their Content Quality Program in Drive and Accelerated Success

Webinar Recording | 60 minutes
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You are trying to produce content at a backbreaking pace, but when you stop to examine it, does it comply with your style guide? Is it easy to translate? Are the terms consistent? Or is the lack of quality sending your organization in reverse? In this webinar, hear how Illumina shifted gears and drove their organization down the road of success.

Illumina is a leading biotechnology company that was wrestling with the consequences of rapid growth, including the need for improving the accuracy and readability of their content. To help solve the problems, they enlisted Acrolinx software and Content Rules services to help build a program that meets both their current and future needs.

In this webinar, you will learn how Illumina:

  • Created a plan to implement software to improve their content
  • Built a business case that convinced their executive team of the value
  • Followed best practices to ensure a successful implementation
  • Saw a strong and early return on investment

Let Illumina, Acrolinx, and Content Rules show you how to create a successful program to improve content quality!

Presented by

Kathleen Pierce

Director of Content Operations


Elizabeth McCroskey

Senior Instructional Designer


Cinnamon Tillotson

Staff Technical Writer


Robin Emiliani

Director of Marketing


Val Swisher

Founder and CEO

Content Rules

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