The Risks and Potentials of Content – Why Content Governance is a Must for Every Enterprise

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Content governance is a critical component to the success of your enterprise content strategy. However, 82% of businesses feel they don’t have the right technology in place to manage their content. Technology is pivotal to bring your strategy to life and govern your content across its entire lifecycle.

In this webinar recording, Stefan Gentz, Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Technical Communication at Adobe, and Volker Smid, CEO at Acrolinx, explain how Adobe Experience Manager Guides and Acrolinx use content governance to holistically address some of today’s most complex content challenges. Discover how content governance:

  • Delivers an impeccable customer experience and strong brand integrity
  • Allows you to scale your content production without straining your resources
  • Gives you transparency and control over all your enterprise content
  • Helps eliminate risk from your content
  • Keeps your content primed for impact and great performance

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